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Descend to the historic wall remains of the Berlin Palace

What to expect

Here you will find the first traces of the site’s history. The archaeological cellar, the only surviving part of the original Berlin Palace, takes you on a tour from the middle ages to the present day. This is where you will find surviving sections of the medieval Dominican monastery as well as the foundations of the Berlin Palace, which were excavated in 2008.

Wander down the winding corridors to discover a host of artefacts that offer a window into the life and work of monastery inhabitants and palace servants. Down in the cellar was where monks stored their barrels, kitchen maids plucked poultry for the queen’s cooks, and the Palace Guard took a break. Today, the original walls and artefacts demonstrate just how much work was needed from many people to ensure everyday life ran smoothly up in the monastery or the palace.

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History of the Site