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Berlin dance artists invite you to collaborate, explore, move, pose a question

About the project

Beginning in summer 2021 in, a group of Berlin artists is exploring the site, its history and its collections, and will be inviting Berlin residents in regular intervals to collaborate in their investigations: to not just be the audience, but to be spontaneous witnesses of a public rehearsal, to be workshop collaborators and conversational partners. Regular Open Calls will invite people to join the teams in creating the artistic works.

In a four-part performance series, Moving the Forum addresses a process used to confront the unsettling (re)placement of a building in the city’s center: Approaching critically examines physical and historic journeys to the Humboldt Forum’s new site as well as conditions under which its threshold can be crossed;  Listening pauses inside to acknowledge echoes and voices residing there;  Inhabiting begins an occupation of new space while addressing who and what was left behind;  and Interacting asserts a necessary dialogue with the structures of the institution and the world largely kept outside its walls.

Throughout the building’s inaugural year, the controversial spaces within the Humboldt Forum will host nearly 40 of Berlin’s dance artists in residence. Using their bodies, they will position themselves within the context of not only the architecture, but also the history and exhibition content. After an initial collective preparation phase, the artists will work together in teams, each with their own thematic approach. Berliners of all generations and contexts are invited to participate in their artistic process. Together, they will explore ways to get this institution moving.

As a prelude to the project, students from the Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin (HZT) worked in residence at the Humboldt Forum in the early summer 2021.

The other residencies will take place in four thematic blocks between summer 2021 and 2022, spread out across the exhibition and walkway areas, in the Grand Foyer, and in the Schlüter Courtyard and outdoor areas of the Humboldt Forum. In addition to the public rehearsals, they will also include workshops and discussion formats involving visitors in their artistic work and research, and offering numerous opportunities for direct encounters and exchange. At the end of each residency block, the artists and participants will present the results of their research in a joint presentation format. Who moved? Who was moved? What has moved?

Further information can be found on the project website.

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