Closed at 12.01.2022
Closed at 12.01.2022

In the second chapter of Moving the Forum, two of the thirteen teams will be concentrating on forms of activism, and on voices that have often been underrepresented in history and society, and that have found no acknowledgement.

After drawing close to this new urban space from outside in Approaching, this second phase is concerned with listening, and investigating the history that has been handed down to us. Since 18 October, the artists have been working together with Berliners on site for 6 weeks. On 27 November 2021, they will present the results of their artistic research, accompanied by a programme of discussion events aimed at creating a rigorous dialogue. Further details will follow shortly.

If I ruled the World. Signs of the Times.

In If I ruled the World. Signs of the Times, Joy Alpuerto Ritter and Lukas Steltner, together with the musician Elsa M’Bala (aka A.M.E.T.), will develop a dance performance with young Berlin dancers from various urban dance backgrounds. The perspectives, experiences and thoughts of young Berliners, questioning the making of history as well as creating a vision of their own future, will find their expression in this production. 

Listening Activism

Through verbal and non-verbal exchange, Viviana Defazio, Diana Sirianni and Jolika Sudermann cultivate with Listening Activism a state of deep listening among the project participants and the visitors of the Humboldt Forum. Connection and encounter become the basis for collective actions that disrupt the behavioural code of the Schloss and undermine its architecture of power.

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