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Giraru Galing Ganhagirri means “The Wind Will Bring Rain” in Wiradjuri. It speaks to the implacable force of Country– of the assurance that, in nature, one thing follows another and the meeting of the elements of air and water. Always have and always will. In these times, solace is to be found in the ‘ancientness’ and endurance of Country. Whatever happens, the wind will always bring the rain.

This work is the result of an exciting new collaboration between Wiradjuri choreographer Joel Bray, filmmaker James Wright and composer Daniel Nixon. Giraru Galing Ganhagirri is a multi-channel screen video installation of pure dance- a poetic, choreographic meditation on the elements. In a nod to ancient ceremony and filmed entirely on Joel’s ancestral Wiradjuri Country, Joel gently inhabits the landscape with his body literally ‘painted’ with Country.

We show the German premiere at the end of the exhibition Songlines. Tracking the Seven Sisters.
15 October 2022, 6.00pm Artist talk with Joel Bray

Australian Embassy