The Palace of the Republic still exists today as a memory and history in the minds of many people. But memories are unreliable, incomplete and sometimes romanticised. They change over time. New images and narratives emerge.

The CyberRäuber are showing the “Palace of Memory” at the Humboldt Forum:The installation invites visitors to discover it on several levels: an expansive video projection of visual worlds on three screens transports them to the centre of a palace universe. A photo table provides an insight into the individual images. And in a 20-minute mixed reality experience for a maximum of 10 people at a time, real and generated palace objects enter into a dialogue.

In their installation “Palace of Memory”, the artists CyberRäuber thematise the changeable nature of memories. With the help of artificial neural networks, which contain a large number of alternative images and thus also narratives, our memories and ideas of the Palace of the Republic are put to the test in this installation. On display are images generated by the CyberRäuber from the memories and impulses of visitors with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). Thanks to the infinite narrative potential of the networks, our ideas about the palace are sent on a journey. This participatory installation poses questions about historical truths, about personal and social history and about the power of images.

For this space, the CyberRäuber collect memories of the Palace of the Republic from visitors. The visitors leave behind scenes from their memories, reminiscences or short stories about the Palace of the Republic on pieces of paper or speak them into a telephone. These legacies are the impetus for newly created images with which the installation “The Palace of Memory” in the Humboldt Forum is updated at regular intervals. The memories and ideas of the visitors thus become new images of a possible past, present or future of a palace that never existed.

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