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ILYICH is a space traveler of an ambiguous origin, reincarnated in Kherson, Ukraine. Frequently manoeuvring the worlds of music and art ILYICH’s vision is to construct conditions for unitive experience. ILYICH performs live and persists through a momentary, inclusive and interactive trajectory synthesizing music performances and sonic sculptures.
Creating objects and sites, ephemera of the events maintaining their aesthetic, sonic, and practical autonomy, ILYICH shares anecdotes of struggle and resolution, told from the multiple first-person narratives.
ILYICH’s elusive origin and fluid identity encourage imaginative exploration and challenge contemporary forms of separation and marginalisation processes on Earth. Committed to developing artistic responses in the form of musical concerts, interactive sound objects, and learning sites, the project is motivated to momentarily disrupt identitarian, fascistic, and hyper-individualized constructions of the self that separate us. Oscillating between popular electronic music, with soul and jazz, and discursive sonic improvisation, ILYICH can be often found at the core of an intimate listening session, a sonic ritual, gallery or museum gathering, or on a larger club and festival stage around the world.
Initiated as a part of documenta14 in Kassel, with surprise appearances at the Lot Radio, I.S.C.P. and the Nervous Records in New York, Roskilde and Fusion Festivals, BBC 6 Music, SAVVY Contemporary, House of the World Cultures and Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin or Bergen Kunsthall, Norway among others ILYICH’s performances invite you to board an outer-space vessel navigating through the unified field of music.

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