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Discourse meets Disco

For one day and one night, the Humboldt Forum becomes a festival, a conference, a think tank and an open-air club – from the Schlüterhof to the roof terrace.
At the centre are the exhibitions on Africa, Oceania, Asia and America, which can now be experienced in full, in which we offer a variety of programmes together with international partners, experts, artists and curators.
Discover 20,000 exhibits spanning 16,000 square metres with expert support – discursive, playful and many-voiced! A 24-hour programme starts at 12 noon on the dot on Saturday.


Sauer Power Klubnacht

The Sauer Power Klubnacht was curated by the artist collective Slavs and Tatars. They have put together an intoxicating concert, DJ and performance programme for the occasion. Fermented drinks will be served. The Schlüterhof will become the place to be in Mitte.

You can listen to Kazakh disco, traditional Persian tombak, Tatar pop, Ukrainian techno and contemporary music, among other things.
There will also be performances and DJ sets on the night of 17.09.2022, 5:00pm to 18.09.2022, 12:00pm.
Sauer Power Klubnacht

The 24h OPEN Programme

17 September Noon’ish

17 September Afternoon

17 September Evening

Night – 17 to 18 September 2022

18 September Early Morning

18 September Morning

Further Events within the 24h OPEN Programme

In conversation with…

In the now fully open East and West Wings, visitors will meet long-standing (working) partners from Benin (Nigeria), Bolivia, Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, Cameroon, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Nagaland (India), Namibia, Tanzania, the USA and the diverse Berlin urban society.

On 09/17/2022 from 12:00pm to 10:00pm
09/18/2022 from 10:00am to 12:00pm
Find the “In conversation with…” programme here

Trails Through the Exhibitions

For your personal voyage of discovery we have marked four exhibition trails marked in colour, which you can follow during the opening hours.

  • I am interested in contemporary art (pink)
  • I want to see everything – 24h OPEN Trail (blue)
  • I am visiting with my family (yellow)
  • Provenance projects are presented here (orange)


Flying Guides

Whether it’s a quick question or the need for an in-depth exchange: in abundance of the newly opened exhibitions, flying guides are there to help visitors. What is being exhibited here? Who are the international guests and partners presenting their exhibitions and concerns this weekend? Flying guides will provide insights into the exhibition ideas at designated locations. Explore the stories of the objects with the visitors and shed light on the background to colonial contexts.
They are also available to help visitors find their way through the opening programme and answer their questions.

Augmented Reality

The exhibition space More than Masks presents a fraction of the thousands of objects from the First Nations on the Pacific coast of Canada that Johan Adrian Jacobsen acquired on behalf of the Berlin Museum für Völkerkunde in the 1880s. The Ethnological Museum critically examines its own collecting practices in the 19th century. The augmented reality application One Collection – Many Perspectives expands the one-sided view of Jacobsen with insights into the function and significance of three exhibited objects for Indigenous practices at that time and today. Find out what perspectives the exchange with Indigenous partners opens up and how their digitally augmented statements affect your perception of the exhibited objects.
The augmented reality application is accessible in the exhibition space without prior registration.