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In the first dance theatre performance created especially for the Humboldt Forum, we trace the footsteps of one of the two men who gave the Forum its name: world traveller and author Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859). Created by Cuban choreographer Maura Morales and German director Clemens Bechtel, this theatrical evening shines a spotlight on the contradictory aspects of the renowned explorer, whose achievements cannot be viewed outside the context of the oppressive and exploitative power structures of colonial times.

The Foyer of the Humboldt Forum will be turned into a performance space, as seven multilingual performers take the audience – who will be equipped with headphones – on a journey to some of the influential yet ambivalent episodes in Alexander von Humboldt’s life. During the course of the show, dance and theatre will intertwine, performers and onlookers will intermingle, languages and performance spaces will shift. Historical references, some taken from Humboldt’s own papers, will be set in a present-day context.

A chronicler of social inequality in a system of colonial oppression

Alexander von Humboldt became an acclaimed chronicler of social inequality, his voyages of exploration earning him worldwide renown. His documenting of enslavement on sugar cane plantations in Cuba, and the inhumane work of the ‘cargueros’ carrying wealthy people on their backs through the Andes, for example, portrayed the unvarnished truth of their lives. But equally, Humboldt’s discoveries and achievements are themselves based on a system of colonial oppression. This aspect of Humboldt’s legacy is reflected in, among other things, the ruthless invasion of hitherto protected spaces and territories that was only made possible by Humboldt’s close contact with colonial rulers. Even the fact that he was able to go on a world tour at all, going on to publish his experiences and research results, and gain widespread renown, was something Alexander von Humboldt owed to his friendly ties with the Prussian and Spanish royal families.

Against this background, how are we to interpret Humboldt’s inner compass, his attitude to all of this? Which side was he on – the side of the oppressed or the rulers? Or somewhere in between? What was he prepared to accept for the sake of his achievements and scientific discoveries? And not least: was he aware of his own conflict of interest?

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