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Many Berliners and others remember the Palace of the Republic as an important building of the socialist state of the GDR. Cultural palaces also played a central role in many other socialist states: as places of encounter and education, of culture and sport.  In discussions at 12 round tables, we want to approach the palaces in Bucharest, Kyiv, Prague, Sofia and Warsaw and also address the Berlin Palace.

At the beginning of the Palace Rendezvous we see the 14 minute compilation “The Palace of the Republic. A Retrospective”. It is compiled from the documentaries “Ein Palast und seine Republik”, directed by Julia M. Novak and Thomas Beutelschmidt for Arte and SFB/rbb in 2000, 2004 and 2009. The surviving film excerpts from the television archive remind us of the diversity of the “multipurpose building” Palast and its acceptance in GDR times

Afterwards, the discussion rounds start at the tables and we ask about the function, meaning and handling of these other palaces that continue to stand there. At other tables, everything revolves around the developments in 1989 and the following years – what did the collapse of state socialism look like in Bulgaria or Romania? What were the aspirations? How did freedom of the press develop and what did the struggle for civil rights look like?

We are supported and accompanied in our table discussions by experts who bring a special knowledge of the palaces and the socio-political developments of the countries. Next is a selection of the experts present, together we come into an exchange, complement and occasionally contradict each other and learn a lot of new things!

Before and after the Palast-Treff, the video installation “Culture-Power-Commerce” can be experienced in Hall 1, and in the foyer in front of Hall 1, the virtual reality installation “Palast der Erinnerung” by the CyberRäuber awaits its guests. By 2024, a new Palace of the Republic will be created in virtual reality.


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