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Zora Steiner and Patrick Helber talk together with Tanja-Bianca Schmidt about Jamaican pop music and sound system culture as entertainment, social commentary, appropriation of space, and empowerment for Jamaica’s Black working class, using reggae and dancehall artists as examples. They discuss voids left by the ethnological exhibition at the Humboldt Forum in the field of the Caribbean and briefly turn the forum into a dancehall.

The event will be held in German.

5pm DJ Set

5.30pm-6:15pm Talk

6:15-8pm DJ Set



Zora Steiner (*1992) is currently completing her master’s degree in art history in a global context with a focus on Japan at Freie Universität Berlin. Steiner grew up in Jamaica and moved to Berlin at the age of 14. She has always been interested in the peripheral and the concept of the “other” and is currently continuing her research in indigenous art and aesthetics, which she hopes to explore within a philosophical framework.


Dr. phil. Patrick Helber studied History and Political Science in Tübingen and Dublin and received his PhD in Modern and Contemporary History in Heidelberg in 2014. His book “Dancehall and Homophobia” is about postcolonial perspectives on Jamaican history and culture. He lives in Berlin, works at the Ethnological Museum as a research assistant in the field of education and outreach, and hosts a radio program on Caribbean popular culture. In addition, Patrick Helber has been putting out reggae, ska and dancehall on vinyl under the name Scampylama Sound since 2003.


Tanja-Bianca Schmidt studied art history in a global context. Her focus is on power critique, black identity and poscolonial theory. As a poltical mediatior she works for various museums in Berlin. She regularly organises workshops on discrimination-sensitive approaches in art history. She is currently doing her PhD in the DFG-funded project “Image Protests on Social Media” at the TU Dresden.


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