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Stop on the way, quickly buy drinks, crisps or important daily necessities and meet your neighbours. Spätis are much more than small sales outlets. They are socio-cultural places that score points not only with unusual opening hours, but with colourful, often unexpected offers and encounters. A well-stocked Späti belongs in every neighbourhood – including the Humboldt Forum.

Our SPÄTI opens every fortnight on Fridays in the large foyer, doesn’t care much about the official opening hours and offers talks and music in addition to the obligatory drinks. Here, artists give first insights into their work, musicians play new compositions or designers present innovative designs. SPÄTI is a small stage of the unfinished, of unusual concepts and unplanned gatherings. You actually just want a Wegbier? At SPÄTI you can get some new ideas and talk about them – without registration and free of charge.


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