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Media artworks that react to their environment, simulation of light and shadow, world times, algorithms and a cosmographer.

Experience the premiere of the new artwork CHRONOS, the new media guide tour to the background of the artworks of the Cosmographer, the media tower in the foyer of the Humboldt Forum, and afterwards the interactive artwork BOKEH, which is able to let visuals react to the sounds of DJ “The Variable Man” on the LED tower.

For this edition of SPÄTI with a focus on media arts, the Mechanical Arena at the Humboldt Forum will become a stage for designers and video artists. We have invited SCHNELLE BUNTE BILDER – Studio for Media Scenography and Time-based Media to present their generative artwork CHRONOS and other digital products to the visitors of the Humboldt Forum.

Afterwards, the video artists of the artworks Michael Burk and Johannes Timpernagel, project manager of the Cosmographer at the Humboldt Forum Foundation Julia Kuhnert and the Head of Digital at the Humboldt Forum Foundation Norman Mähler will be available for further discussions. We will round off the evening with drinks and music by DJ “The Variable Man”.

The event will be held in German.


Julia Kuhnert (Project Lead Kosmograf)

Michael Burk, Johannes Timpernagel (Digital Artists)
Norman Mähler (Head of Digital Department)



SCHNELLE BUNTE BILDER is a studio for media scenography and time-based media. It designs exhibitions, DigitalArt, animations and performances. Together with their clients, they design innovative exhibits and digital communication strategies. In doing so, they pursue a holistic design approach that always thinks of media in the context of content and in relation to space. Sustainable solutions are just as important as barrier-free and inclusive interaction design that puts the audience at the centre.

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