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With Daniel Diekmann from the Habersaathstraße neighbourhood initiative, we walk to striking places in the Berlin-Mitte district. He shows us what gentrification looks like there and explains the background, including the displacement of the former artists’ initiative Tacheles.

Rising prices, empty buildings and displaced residents – while gentrification is not unique to Berlin, it is occurring here with particular speed and devastating impact. On an Open Space of BERLIN GLOBAL, artists explore the phenomenon of gentrification. Berliners are resisting the loss of affordable housing and urban space with demonstrations, grassroots organisation and solidarity, fighting their displacement to the literal fringes of urban society. But despite their best efforts, the onslaught of advancing commercial interests continues.

Meeting point: Oranienburger Strasse / Tucholskystrasse
Information: The guided tour will be held in German.

The guided city tour is an offer of the open space project “We’re staying! Gentrification and resistance in Berlin” ( The artistic works and interviews can be seen in the room Interconnection of the exhibition BERLIN GLOBAL.

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