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When we visit museums, usually it is to see fascinating objects and to learn something. But the style of presentation of objects and exhibition spaces can also tell its own story. Even the architecture of the museum can be a reason to visit.

What role do the scenography of the museum space and architecture play in viewing and understanding exhibitions? What effect does the spatial and aesthetic design have on visitors and how they move through exhibitions? And what can we learn from this about the relationship between knowledge and space in museums?

These and other questions have been investigated by the interdisciplinary research project “Museum Space Knowledge” in the inaugural exhibition of the Humboldt Lab. Different spatial knowledges of visitors were surveyed and their movements observed and tracked in order to investigate the Humboldt Lab as a place and instrument of knowledge transfer.

At Meet the Scientist, architect Henrike Rabe and social scientist Sarah Etz present the results of their spatial research.

This event is part of Berlin Science Week.



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