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A machine will land in the Schlüter Courtyard. A UFO, a Robur bus, and a post-post-office for processing memories. Multimedia artist collective Chez Company will be prospecting for memories for the future. Humblodt Forum visitors are invited to join the prospectors in this playful installation: the nuggets are genuine, personal and collective memories of the Palace of the Republic. Who celebrated in the palace and how, who worked there, sat in the audience of the ‘Ein Kessel Buntes’ TV shows, or deliberately refused to enter the building?

We will ask questions, listen to the answers, and send the memories back to the Humboldt Forum’s visitors. Short, serendipitous interviews and more in-depth conversations, together with documentary material both old and new, will all be combined into a live radio broadcast that visitors can listen to in the Schlüter Courtyard. Pick up a personalised postcard of the day, postmarked and franked with the date of your visit, from the UFO Post Office. The Robur’s ticker will collect all the individual memories, turning them into a collective stream of scrolling text.

Is there one truth – or many – about this site, which answers the ‘how’ of reunification, the question of what history we tell, what remains, and what manner of material, situational, musical and social reminders we need to facilitate recollection and work through for the future? Where exactly was this palace?

Source soundtracks: Deutsches Rundfunkarchiv, rbb / Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, PROGRESS Film, Landesarchiv Berlin, Bundesarchiv – Filmarchiv

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