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On April 30 and May 1, with the opening weekend Meet the Palace, the Humboldt Forum Foundation, the Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin and the Humboldt University launch their program “The Palace of the Republic is Present.” The predecessor of the Humboldt Forum will be the focus of research, events, exhibitions, discussions and commemorative work for several years.


On April 30 and May 1, a time machine for the palace and other lost items from Chez Company will land in the Schlüterhof. In addition, street artist Russlan will create a ten-square-meter live painting with audience participation, the sound installation Voices about the Palace of the Republic will make memories audible, and the Kosmograf will bring the Glass Flower back to life.

In conversations at the Palace Rendevouz, all participants are invited to share their stories and exchange ideas: Which rooms actually existed in the Palace of the Republic, how were they equipped, and what feelings do they evoke? Two bowling alleys in the Schlüterhof recall the legendary restaurant Spree Bowling. The history of a divided country becomes vivid in a picture-book cinema and through storytelling for children; colorful palaces and views through the window invite children to create. The moderated film screenings Palast-Start and Palast-Debate show rare items from film and television archives. Guided tours by curators present objects from the history of the Palace of the Republic. In the exhibition area of Berlin Global, guided tours focus on the theme of revolution, free space and entertainment, while freedom and bureaucracy – research in the GDR is the topic at the Humboldt Laboratory.

In addition, the media guide offers audible traces of the Palace of the Republic throughout the Humboldt Forum. Nothing learned? asks radioeins-presenter Julia Menger in the evening event The Palace of the Republic and the Negotiation of Public Places and questions the status quo with poetry slammers and panel guests. On Saturday evening in the Schlüterhof you can dance to palace music by DJ Pasi, while Tim Trantenroth’s artwork Wand is visible through the windows: an interpretation of the unmistakable palace façade.

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Opening Weekend


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