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A look behind the scenes at the Humboldt Forum – as part of “Humboldting! A School Research Project”, young adults have investigated the day-to-day work of employees and provide astonishing insights into the small dramas of everyday life in a big house of culture in an audio tour.

The Humboldt Forum is a place where you go to see exhibitions or a performance or take a look at the cake counter in the café with your great-aunt. It is also a place where many people work every day to ensure a warm welcome, accessibility,  cleanliness, and safety. Who are the people who make exciting visits possible day after day and what do they experience in their work? What funny, intimate and strange moments do they experience and observe when interacting with visitors?

In collaboration with the Taiwanese artist collective Prototype Paradise, pupils from the “Humboldting” project at the Thomas-Mann-Gymnasium in Berlin-Reinickendorf spoke to the staff and discovered exciting stories. In a playful audio tour, the pupils guide visitors through the Humboldt Forum and talk about their conversations in audio recordings. They talk about lost and found children, about controlling the pigeon population, about the feelings when eating strawberry cake and also about shared memories of this special place where the Palace of the Republic and the Berlin Palace once stood.

An entertaining audio tour that shows the Humboldt Forum from a completely different perspective!

Audio tour with recordings of service and security staff at the Humboldt Forum, led by pupils from the Thomas Mann Gymnasium. Artistically compiled by the Taiwanese artist collective Prototype Paradise.

“Pigeons, Strawberries, Dilemmas”, is sponsored by National Culture and Arts Foundation Taiwan, and is part of Humboldting! A School Research Project, a long-term project of the Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss at the intersection of education and art. Artistic direction: Alice Fleming and Darren O’Donnell.


Yu-Ying (Yoyo) Kung

Yoyo is the founder of Prototype Paradise (PP), a project-based theatre collective in Taiwan. Everyday-life scenarios are usually the points of departure of PP’s performance projects. People of non-art background are invited as creative collaborators/performers and/or main participating audience members. With the aim of creating new insight and new connections among people in the neighborhood, PP quite often presents its performance in public space such as markets, scooter repair shops, streets where city garbage trucks collect household waste, etc.

Yoyo conceives and initiates projects for PP. She also works as an independent curator and manager with art organizations in Taiwan to encourage theatremakers to engage new publics and new communities in the creative process. She holds a MA from Utrecht School of the Arts.


Cheng-Ting Chen

Cheng-Ting Chen is a theatre designer and performer from Taiwan. Following ten years of dance training she studied Theatrical Design at Taipei National University of the Arts as well as Stage Design and Scenography at the Technische Universität Berlin. From 2007 till 2010 she worked as a theatre designer for different theatres in Taipei and was the technical director of Guling Street Avant-Garde Theatre. Her stage sets were nominated for the World Stage Design (WSD) competition in 2009 and 2017. Chen has lived and worked in Berlin since 2010 and has created her work mainly in Germany and Taiwan. She also went on tour with projects for the independent scene across Europe and Asia. Her main focus is on multidisciplinary spatial experiments, visual arts and performance art in an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural context. She is currently a co-artist of the Polymer DMT team.

Yi-Chun (Betty) Chen

Betty is a dramaturg and a translator based in Taipei and Munich. Since 2012, she has worked intensively with the Taipei Arts Festival on international co-productions and the festival’s new commissions. Since 2023, she works as co-curator at the Spielart Theatre Festival. As freelance dramaturg, she has worked with artists and curators from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Germany. A constant focus of her work is the friction between individual and collective narratives. She writes on contemporary theatre practices in connection to their socio-political contexts, and has translated a dozen books and plays from German/English into Chinese. She has also facilitated several workshops and lectures on documentary theatre practices and dramaturgy.

Yu-Chin (Corinne) Hsiao

Yu-Chin Hsiao has been working with Prototype Paradise since 2014. She is also the founder and Artistic Director of Think Feel Move. She mainly focuses on exploring social issues with participants and audiences through drama workshops and participatory performances. Her directed pieces have been engaging audiences around Taiwan in discussing contemporary issues in over 160 shows. She also conducted more than 80 issue-based drama workshops with schools and NGOs. She is also an intern philosophical counselor.


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