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The thriller by the German-Namibian director Tim Huebschle provides insights into the difficult coexistence in a postcolonial society. The film will be followed by a Zoom discussion with the director.

Meisie Willemse is working as an investigator in the red light district of Windhoek when she falls into a trap. While trying to help a drunken prostitute, she is knocked down and robbed of her service weapon. When the prostitute’s torso is found in a riverbed, she and her partner Shivute are caught in a maelstrom of unforeseen events. A cynical Yellow Press reporter named Piet Potgieter begins tailing her as she investigates and blackmails her in connection with a dark secret that dates back to just before Namibia gained independence in 1990. And does the mysterious forensic scientist Dr. Schneider have anything to do with the dead women?

German-Namibian director Tim Huebschle has created a dark thriller with #LANDoftheBRAVEfilm. Launched in 2014 as a transmedia project, Huebschle’s suspenseful crime story reveals the wounds caused by the abysses of the recent colonial past. Shot with a Namibian cast in Afrikaans and English, well-known Namibian artists such as Kwaito musician Gazza make cameo appearances.

The film will be followed by a Zoom discussion with director Tim Huebschle.

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