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The film Petit Jo – enfant des rues tells the story of a mixed-race orphan boy in Yaoundé as he searches for his identity. German premiere; the director and the leading actor will be present at this screening.

When Father Moussima discovers an abandoned baby in a hospital corridor in Bonabéri, his mind is made up: he will take care of the boy, as a single parent. After the death of his foster father, Jo, now 15 years old, ends up on the streets, working as a day labourer at the Mafoundi market in Yaoundé, with only his moral compass to guide him through the hardships and dangers of the street. When he gets into a fight with a group of pickpockets, he begins to struggle with his identity. Will he succeed in finding out who his biological parents are?

Daniel Kamwa’s screenplay of the book of the same name by author Evelyne Mpoudi Ngollè paints a vivid portrait of everyday life for children and young people on the streets of Cameroon’s capital, Yaoundé.

Director Daniel Kamwa and leading actor Barré Gobon will be guests at the film’s German premiere at the Humboldt Forum, and will discuss the film with the artist and empowerment trainer Rebecca Pokua Korang.

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