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Jimmy X of Downtown Lyrics has recreated his own DJ equipment with original parts from the former GDR for BERLIN GLOBAL. As a teenager he discovered Hip-hop in East Berlin. How did he get his records? Where did he learn to break dance? How did Hip-hop make its way from New York to East Germany in the first place? Joined by cultural scientist and curator Verda Kaya, the former musician relates personal stories and describes Hip-hop’s emergence as a global youth culture.

The tandem guided tour involves two people. An educator and a Berlin expert guide you through selected exhibition areas. The invited expert determines the subject matter. The experts will bring their own varied professional and personal backgrounds into the conversation and they may be a midwife, artist, small-scale female entrepreneur, biologist, historian, archaeologist, psychologist, female fire fighter or restorer. People who work as volunteers or who have provided curatorial support in the exhibition will also be invited. This makes every tandem guided tour individual and unique.



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    The meeting point for guided tours and the location for workshops can be found on your booking confirmation. In order for the tour to begin punctually, please arrive 15 minutes before the programme is due to start. We ask that you allow for this additional quarter hour when planning your visit.