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What do colors have to do with discrimination? Why do we criticize fast fashion and at the same time let ourselves be seduced by influencers to consume more? And why do the media often only report about the suffering of workers in the global South when someone from the global North helps them?

The Critical Young Friends are a group of young people who help shape the program of the Jugend Museum and take a critical look at exhibitions. As part of the Jugend Museum’s Discover History – Act now! project, the Critical Young Friends collaborated with the Humboldt Lab, questioning object histories and developing texts for the exhibition After Nature.

During the guided tour of the Humboldt Lab, two Critical Young Friends will present their critical perspectives on the exhibition. They report on the questions and aspects that move them – for example gender discrimination, social and global inequality, environmental destruction, colonialism and racism. Visitors are invited to discuss with them and learn more about their view of the museum.

More information about the Jugend Museum and the project Discover History – Act Now!


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