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The focus of the “Study Collection of the Art of the Northern Silk Road” is the unique reconstruction of the “Cave of the Ring-Bearing Doves” from Kizil (China). In large showcases all around, more than 300 clay sculptures and more than 100 wooden objects are presented and partly large-scale wall paintings are on display.

Why do carved wooden capitals from the Turfan region resemble marble or alabaster capitals from ancient Rome or Syria in the early Islamic period? In the guided tour, curator Lilla Russell-Smith of the Museum für Asiatische Kunst explores the question of how the murals were painted and how the clay sculptures were made. In addition, international collaborations and research trips to China will be discussed. The tour ends in the so-called Dome Room, where themes about stars and sky are presented under a projection, and the regional art of the various oases is shown in an architecture inspired by the desert landscape.


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