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The tour for the blind and visually impaired is an all-around experience: the presentation of the Museum of Asian Art’s collection features a considerable number of “two-senses stations” that make some of the key works accessible to people with visual impairments for the first time.

The inclusive nature of the tour aims to allow all visitors to experience the diversity and richness of Asia’s cultures through a shared experience that engages multiple senses. Touching, hearing and smelling complement the tour. In dialogue, the group discusses the objects, their stories and customs.

Smelling the fragrance of tea in the exhibition area on Japan, touching original tea bowls, and sitting on rice straw mats encourages the group to embed the artworks into the culture.

Playing music with different traditions and origins can make you feel moods and make the imagination of everyday life more intense. By feeling original bronze figures from Hinduism and several swell-pressure examples, mudras, the symbolic hand gestures in Indian everyday life, are discussed and tried out. The meanings in their original context will then be compared with the meanings in everyday life in Berlin.


Practical Notes

  • Meeting point & time

    The meeting point for guided tours and the location for workshops can be found on your booking confirmation. In order for the tour to begin punctually, please arrive 15 minutes before the programme is due to start. We ask that you allow for this additional quarter hour when planning your visit.