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“To restitute is to return or restore, to appropriate is to take possession of, to possess is to own.”

Not simply objects have been taken, but reserves of energy, creative resources and alternative forms of the real. Their absence represents mourning, a struggle over an absent body and a longing for memory and touch. In this performance, memory-making is the active work: the past is revisited with the images and ideas of today. Touch of the fragmented (hi)stories is the undercurrent, linked with feelings of ownership and (be)longing: a reawakening of cultural consciousness and a sense of connectedness.

Reflecting on the “diaspora” of the displaced objects and reclaiming their narratives, as narratives originating from or belonging to our specific cultural times, spaces and places, Places of Belonging engages with re-appropriation as a process of cultural repossession, reconnecting our bodies and spirits to this heritage as a form of healing and liberation, using video, contemporary sculpture, sound and spoken word.

Tila Likunzi

On Friday, 28th of October, the performance will be followed by a talk with the artists and curators.


Initiated and produced by the Goethe Institut Angola, with coproduction by the Humboldt Forum and consultancy from the Ethnologisches Museum


Belongs to

Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (SMB)