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Spatial Play is a social sculpture by katrinem, which was premiered on 13 April as part of the opening of the outline marking of the Palace of the Republic. For the Museum Sundays, variations of this sculpture will be offered for a maximum of 30 people, with the GEHPARTITUR composed especially for the project at its centre.

katrinem is a trained musician and composer and works as an international sound and performance artist based in Berlin and Linz.

An essential feature of her artistic work is the tangibility of sound and space. In her artistic research, katrinem has been investigating the walkability of cities for pedestrians and the associated perception of space since 2004. Two perspectives of her approach are: the observation of places (Place Studies) and self-awareness in space while walking (Path of Awareness). Both work formats have been realised in many cities worldwide.

In 2020, BesenBallett (Broom Ballet) was developed as a social sculpture in public space. It creates new dialogues with urban spaces for both performers and audiences.

katrinem gives lectures at universities and symposia about her work and the methodology of her artistic research. Through collaboration and exchange with artists, scientists, architects and urban planners, katrinem constantly seeks to expand, question and refine her own approach.


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Max Joy works as a sound/concept/media and scent artist and has been exploring the phenomenon of sound since September 1979, when the first Sony Walkman with a recording function was released.
The findings from analysing spatial structures and social contexts form the basis for his multi-sensory works with sound, scent, haptics, light, photography and other media. He himself describes his work as ‘spatial staging’, some of which also takes place in public spaces and as performances or walks. He also works in the field of knowledge transfer for various target groups.

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