Past events
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The site on which the Humboldt Forum stands has a long history. With its historistic architecture and its exhibitions and collections, it can be understood as a memorial palace in several respects. But which past and which stories are remembered? Who remembers and tells stories here? This is constantly changing and causing ever new debates.

While the building opened only in summer 2021, it is reminiscent of older layers of memory. On the one hand, there is the Berlin Palace, which stood here from the mid-15th to the mid-20th century; on the other hand, there is also the Palace of the Republic, which is only just present in memory due to its absence from this place. So how much old, how much new is there in the Humboldt Forum? And how much monarchical-Prussian, how much GDR and how much colonial memory? Which conflicting and contradictory memories and narratives does it evoke and which pasts does its present repress?