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From alternative antiquities to past times yet to come, from active matters to firing synapses: scientists share their cutting-edge research with the audience.

Science is simultaneously both a window through which we view the world, and an engine of change for that world. The Humboldt Forum brings society and science together. This series of presentations aims to be a continuation of the Kosmos Lectures given by Alexander von Humboldt in the 1820s, where he considered the world from a global scientific perspective. He vividly conveyed to a wide audience how nature and culture are intertwined and all phenomena are interrelated.

Our WeSearch series follows this tradition with monthly, easy-to-understand presentations. Prominent scientists from a wide variety of fields will present their ideas, their questions and their methods for discussion, in what promises to be a vibrant, understandable and entertaining series. There may, however, be a certain amount of ‘gentle overload’ from time to time; this event series aims to make science as simple as possible – but without oversimplifying.

The first season is dedicated to the seven Berlin clusters of excellence that have contributed to the concept and content of the Humboldt Lab’s After Nature exhibition. Both young and established scientists will speak about the interrelationships between natural, social and aesthetic systems, sharing their work with both their physical and digital audiences. After each short presentation, there will be time and space for questions. The audience is encouraged to join in the discussion via an app.

The WeSearch series is curated by Uta Kornmeier in collaboration with the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

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Ongoing programmes