Past events
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The Palace of the Republic symbolizes the trials and tribulations of German unity in a special way. Therefore, we take the Day of German Unity as an opportunity to ask in our 3rd Palast-Treff about the scattered things that were once in the Palace of the Republic. We will be supported and accompanied in our table discussions by experts who have special knowledge (e.g. furnishings, design, architecture) about the palace. Together we will exchange stories, complement and occasionally contradict each other: What was the Palace of the Republic? What did it look like inside? How were the rooms equipped and what took place there? What memories are associated with visits or work in the Palace of the Republic?

Dr. Joanna Kiliszek, who has traced pieces of the Palace’s furnishings, will talk in her keynote lecture about the building, which attracted millions of visitors from its opening in 1976 until its closure in 1990. She will provide information about the history and whereabouts of Palast objects – from the GDR emblem to the bar of Spree Bowling.

Before and after the Palast-Treff, the virtual reality installation “Palace of Remembrance” by CyberRäuber awaits its guests in the foyer of the Humboldt Forum. By 2024, a new Palace of the Republic will be created in virtual reality. The memories and narratives of the audience will play a key role.


Practical notes