Food & Drink

What would culture be without culinary highlights? Here both can be combined.

Five gastronomic offerings will open in 2021 and 2022. The Lebenswelten Bistro at the Passage works in an ecologically sustainable manner and impresses with its inclusive and diverse enterprise culture. At the Schlüter Courtyard, with outdoor seating at the banks of the Spree river and as well as facing the Lustgarten, a restaurant with a French-German tradition is opening. The Forum Café in the staircase hall offers fresh cakes and snacks every day and in the Berlin Café you can sit at eye level with the sculptures from the workshop of Andreas Schlüter. Coffee and tea specialities are also available at the tasting station in the Shop at Portal 3. But the visit is also worthwhile in other respects: from the roof restaurant you can enjoy the unique view of Berlin.

in the Passage
Lebenswelten Bistro
Ecologically sustainable, vegetarian and vegan