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In 2023/2024, the Humboldt Forum will be the site of four musical encounters: Early music from Europe meets traditional music from India, Latin America, China and the Caribbean.

With its MUSICAL BELONGINGS project, the lautten compagney BERLIN, one of the most renowned ensembles for historical performance practice, explores the possibilities of music beyond the colonial canon.


Trailer Musical Belongings I
Aufführung Musical Belongings I: lautten compagney BERLIN trifft indische Raga-Musik
© Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss / Foto: Frank Sperling

Together with musicians and composers from four cultures, the orchestra is searching for a transcultural practice: How can new sounds and hybrid forms be found that transcend the label of “world music”? What are the similarities between Indian ragas and European ostinato practice? With their project, the musicians respond to the collections of the Ethnologisches Museum and the Museum für Aisatische Kunst, which include many instruments and the Phonogram Archive. In the accompanying discourse, a postcolonial approach is applied to the musical practice of European classical music and aspects of the varying modes of playing and production is compared, negotiated, expanded.

With this project, the lautten compagney aims to contribute to the formation of a global society of the 21st century, to question its own practice and, in exchange with the invited musicians, to contribute to a postcolonial musical practice.



MUSICAL BELONGINGS I – June 16-17, 2023

lautten compagney BERLIN meets Indian Raga Music
Raga and Passacaglia
With Kala Ramnath (Violin) and Jayanthi Kumaresh (Veena), India


MUSICAL BELONGINGS II – November 10-11, 2023

lautten compagney BERLIN meets Indigenous Music from Latin America

Huaciascaita – Holy Experiments

With Renata Flores, Germán Anthony Córdova Onofre, Pedro Enrique Alca Tomairo (Peru) and Ana María Romano G. (Colombia)


MUSICAL BELONGINGS III – April 12-14, 2024

lautten compagney BERLIN meets Chinese Classical Music:
Guzheng and Viola da Gamba


MUSICAL BELONGINGS IV – September 13-15, 2024

lautten compagney BERLIN meets Caribbean Punta Music:
Punta against Polly
How to decolonize the Beggar’s Opera?


Das Projekt MUSICAL BELONGINGS wird gefördert im Programm „Exzellente Orchesterlandschaft Deutschland“ der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM).

Bundesbeauftragte für Kultur und Medien (BKM)
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