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A festival for anyone who wants to find out about, and get involved with, the Humboldt Forum’s cultural education programme

1,000 square metres of flexible workspace – right at the heart of the action. This is where education takes a completely different form: a creative process that involves, inspires and energises all the senses.

Cultural education sits at the heart of everything the Humboldt Forum does. It opens up space for a diverse society to experience new encounters, to exchange ideas and engage with socially relevant issues. Our Workshops are central to this mission – literally and metaphorically. We are celebrating the opening of these 1,000 square metres of open space with a big family festival. Come and join in – you’re welcome!

In the Foyer, you can help build a paper sculpture by Collective Paper Aesthetics; four separate, free workshops – the drop-ins – invite you to get involved; there will then be theatre performances and DJs to round off the day.



Further programme for kids & families