Contemporary video art in the Baroque Schlüter Courtyard

What to expect

Starting 3 September 2021, the Schlüter Courtyard will light up, becoming a huge projector screen for video art. The Humboldt Forum has invited three artists living in Berlin to express their perspectives on the new building and the questions it poses. Zara Zandieh, Sucuk und Bratwurst and Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese respond to themes such as colonialism and coloniality, ecology and the interconnectedness of the world using giant images of the present on the Baroque facades.


The first installment in the series will be a film from the Kreativ-Studio Sucuk und Bratwurst called Interlinked, a visual journey to the heights and depths of the earth. Inspired by Alexander von Humboldt’s idea that everything in nature is an interaction, Sucuk and Bratwurst develop dream-like natural scenery that opens the door to other worlds.

Octavia’s Visions

Octavia’s Visions by Zara Zandieh, is a retelling of parables written by the Afro-American Science-Fiction Author Octavia E. Butler. Zandieh uses poetic images to combine Butler’s themes with contemporary issues such as new nationalism, persistent colonialism and the effects of environmental destruction.


The work of Lesotho-born filmmaker Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese completes the series. Inspired by the Basotho prayer The Old God Worships the New God Mosese addresses the paradigm shift of cancel culture. He creates his own approach to reconcile the ills of the past with the grace of the future.

Teaser “Octavia’s Visions”