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A time-travelling architect from Museum Island’s looted-art-free future who moonlights as a stand-up comedienne discovers a portal into a public event at a young Humboldt Forum. After some cultural debates and scrupulous self-reflexivity, the institution decides to allow her musical comedy set to be included in the program. Sharing explosive stories from the future construction site where the Berlin Palace is remodeled into the “Humboldt Retirement and Rehabilitation Center” she designed; the non-European architect/comedienne blasts her jokes like dynamites across temporal boundaries, bulldozing historical and contemporary delusions of grandeur both (neo)imperial and museological.

Concept, Text, Performance: Selin Davasse
Music Composition, Performance: Alexander Iezzi
Movement Coaching: Halil İbrahim “Raven” Aygün
Garments: Situationist and Maison Taskin
Hair and Makeup: Henriette Theuergarten
Thanks: Zoë Claire Miller, Ayke Vonderau, Bénédicte Savoy


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