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A diverse programme with live concerts, DJ sets, discussions, video art and performances offers the spotlight on artists whose work is a statement for a polyphonic, hybrid, and interconnected idea of culture, history and identity, regardless of their musical genres or countries of origin.

Together, they aim to create an interdisciplinary and cross cultural stage which intersects with a local and global community, inviting the audience to celebrate their talents and be part of a dialogue. The Berlin-based music curator Melissa Perales has created a programme of events on the main stage to invite a diverse community of musicians, artists, performers, thinkers and activists into the Schlüter Courtyard. Melissa Perales said of her programme: “The audience is invited to join us on a journey: Over the course of six weeks, the programme will bring together a group of talents who claim space, through their music and words for a critical dialogue. Who bring forth their individual stories, ask difficult questions, and give a voice to their ancestors. Our hope is that this spark will continue beyond the summer in discussions inside the Humboldt Forum spaces, and resonate beyond.”

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