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The old world is rapidly leaving, and we still cannot see the new world in its integral essence. When the ground leaves from under their feet, people in search of a new support remember the most important thing: Love and Humanity. Can we win the fight against evil? Will we be able to respond to the moral, natural, and man-made challenges? I believe: Yes. Let each of us resist the forces of destruction and dehumanization, and Love will be the guiding star.

The program includes nine contrasting compositions. Approximately half of the musical material of each of them is an improvisation for electric violin and electric cello. The other half also consists of many improvisations recorded in the computer’s memory and combined into a virtual score. Almost every composition is a simultaneous sound of improvisations on record and on stage. All tracks on all instruments, as well as vocal fragments, are composed and performed by Valentina Goncharova.

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