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Our world is becoming ever more complex, digitisation is advancing, with ever greater volumes of data being produced every day. How can we use this data to tackle major challenges facing our society, or to contribute to progress, for example in the supply of sustainable energy, personalised medicine or the analysis of social processes?

These are the kinds of questions being tackled by mathematicians at MATH+, the Berlin Mathematics Research Centre, in collaboration with scientists from other disciplines and institutions. Which of us is not interested in improving the longevity of batteries, for example in phones and electric cars? How can maths help the development of non-addictive pain-relief medication? And the hot topic right now: how can we use modelling and simulations to calculate and predict the spread of pandemics – such as the current coronavirus crisis – to support public measures and decision-making? Exactly! Maths underpins it all!

Ralf Borndörfer, Caroline Geiersbach, Michael Hintermüller, Max Klimm, Edda Klipp, Frank Noé, Sebastian Pokutta, Christof Schütte, Martin Skutella, Gabriele Steidl, Nadja Wisniewski and Sarah Wolf.



Video recording of the event (in German)
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