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Since the death of Mahsa Amini, many people in Iran have been protesting for women’s and human rights and thus against the government. How do Iranian artists from Berlin support the struggle from exile? In what way do they lend their voice to the people from their homeland, what drives them and how can we support them?

Before and after the talk, DJ Moji, from Iran, will be spinning, there will be drinks at the Lebenswelten bar and the opportunity to talk to the artists.

Moderation: Amel Ouaissa


Moji was born in the north of Iran and learned different traditional instruments since childhood. His interest in making electronic music started when he moved to Berlin in 2009. Since then he planted the seeds of his music in the field of Berlin sounds.
His music is structurally rooted in electronic music yet swims in between the club and the comfort of your couch. His journey of life has brought him closer to both the middle-east roots and an exploration of world sounds. His psychedelic sound is a journey of melodies, feelings, thoughts and in one word: “groove in the good vibe”.





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