Books and catalogs accompany the future programme of the Humboldt Forum, take up current debates and address topics such as architecture, reconstruction, the history of the site and (post)colonial questions.

Mythos der Revolution

Karl Liebknecht, das Berliner Schloss und der 9. November 1918

The Myth of Revolution. Karl Liebknecht, the Berlin Palace and the 9 November 1918 is a detailed reconstruction of the events surrounding the Berlin Palace and sheds new light on the most important political appearance in the life of this labour leader. The individual essays examine how Liebknecht’s proclamation became the Myth of the Revolution while touching upon themes such as the ambivalence of contemporary eyewitnesses from November 1918, the iconizing of the so-called “Liebknecht Gate” under the GDR’s head of state Walter Ulbricht, and the polarization of memory in a divided Germany.

Volume 1 of the series Im Fokus – Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss (In Focus – The Humboldt Forum in the Berlin Palace), edited by Lavinia Frey and Johannes Wien. Hanser Verlag, in German, 2018, 128 pages (ISBN: 978-3-446-26089-4).

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Barock in Arbeit

Die Kunst der Rekonstruktion und das neue Berliner Schloss

2018, in German

Available at the Info Center Berlin Palace, Schlossplatz 5, 10117 Berlin, as well as in-store at Dussmann the KulturKaufhaus and via the Dussmann online shop.

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Palast der Republik

Ein Erinnerungsort neu diskutiert

2017, in German
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Ein öffentlicher Ort

Berliner Schloss – Palast der Republik – Humboldt Forum

2016, in German
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Skulpturen erzählen Geschichten und ReporterInnen stellen Fragen

2017, in German

Vol. 1: read online
Vol. 2: read online


History of the Site

Exhibition Guide

Learn how Berlin’s exciting new cultural center presents its multifaceted 700-year history.

Monastery, royal palace, museum, parade ground, Palace of the Republic, archeological site, and cultural building – a lot has happened on this spot, in the middle of Berlin, on which the Humboldt Forum is located today. Where initially only a civil borough stood, since 1443 sovereigns and politicians have built, rebuilt, and demolished this site in order to bring their political vision into view. As a consequence, this building site has been the subject of contentious debates and disputes for centuries, and into the present. Because of this, the “history of the site” plays a central role for the Humboldt Forum. This checkered history will be examined in multiple exhibition spaces spread throughout the entire building, including the originally preserved palace cellar. There will be numerous authentic exhibits from various eras and lavish multimedia installations. By using selected objects, diverse themes and an innovative design, the exhibition guide provides an excellent companion to this central memorial site of German history.

Forthcoming. Edited by Judith Prokasky, 192 pages, 175 color illustrations, paperback.

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