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Wilhelm von Humboldt’s fascination with language, and its capacity to equate to a work of art, forms the starting point for this sound installation with choral singing of the Igbo folk song ‘Nne, Nne, Udu’ from Nigeria. Sung in the Igbo language, it is an allegorical tale about a maiden whose careless actions while carrying a valuable clay pot on her head resulted in it shattering into pieces. The song is accompanied by chants inspired by a line from Chinua Achebe’s famous novel ‘Things Fall Apart’: ‘He has put a knife on the things that held us together, and we have fallen apart’. The folk song and the chant originate from a rich Igbo tradition of oral storytelling, and are a critique of Christianity’s influence and disruption on the Igbo culture.

The music is performed at the strike of every full hour.

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