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A large iridescent grid in various orange shades covers the stair hallabove Portal 5. It appears to tower into the space in three dimensions. The wall is completely flat – this is in fact a large-scale mural.

The sculptural painted grid triggers another association: together with the characteristic range of colours, the picture reflects the structure of the façade of the Palace of the Republic, which is fixed firmly in the memory of many people. The Humboldt Forum’s predecessor appears here in subtle painterly form.  The Palace stood on this site from 1976 until it was closed in 1990, before being demolished between 2006 and 2008. In evening lighting, Trantenroth’s painting is also visible through the big window from outside in the Schlüter Courtyard. This creates an impressive spectacle of the vanished Palace of the Republic sitting side by side with the reconstructed façades of the likewise destroyed Palace.


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