Past events
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Names like Konrad, Andreas, Heinz or Franco can be deciphered from the unbroken chain of letters.  They surround the foyer of the event rooms on the ground floor in a narrow, all-round frieze. 110 capital letters show the first names of the architects and master builders, who in previous centuries built and operated on this site: from the construction of the Renaissance Palace under Konrad Krebs, the Baroque transformation by Andreas Schlüter, the erection of the Palace of the Republic under Heinz Graffunder to the partial reconstruction of the Berlin Palace as the Humboldt Forum under Franco Stella.

Dellbrügge & de Moll have designed the freeze in a clear sans serif typeface, emphasising the rational architecture of Franco Stella. The material also creates references to the site. The concrete used for the letters was made from the ground-up rubble of the Palace of the Republic. The artist duo recycled it for the artwork.

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