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In a total of four competitions, artists were challenged to produce artistic work for seven locations within the Humboldt Forum. They were to confront and examine the history of the site, its future use as an exhibition and event centre, and its function as an educational and scientific resource within the context of Humboldtian ideas or the external appearance of the building.

‘Kunst am Bau’ – Art in Architecture – has a long and established tradition in Germany. Today, the term describes the obligation to use a certain proportion – usually around 1 % – of the construction costs of public buildings for works of art. This enables the state, as the largest commissioning client, to fulfil its goal of promoting artists and their work, in the spirit of the artistic freedom guaranteed in Germany’s Grundgesetz (constitution). These artistic examinations often create meaningful tensions between space, content and function of public buildings.

For the Humboldt Forum, the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning held a series of Art in Architecture competitions. Suitable locations for the works were selected in advance, in close discussion with Franco Stella, the architect. The submitted designs were reviewed by juries, who selected seven artworks for implementation.

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