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Over the course of a year, the discourse series 99 Questions will be accompanied by the “99 Questions Podcast” featuring dialogues on museums and their multiple connections to colonialism. The monthly episodes welcome different guests such as artists, activists, and academics, to share their experiences, knowledge, and perspectives on past and future museum practices in postcolonial societies.

Episode 1

with Sharon Macdonald and El Hadji Malick Ndiaye

13 May 2021 In the first episode, our host Feven Keleta talks with anthropologist Sharon Macdonald about the relationship between museums and national identity, and the complex nature of big museum projects like the Humboldt Forum. We are also joined by art historian and curator El Hadji Malick Ndiaye who argues for the re-socialization of African objects and how this is intertwined with cultural heritage, history, and human rights.

Episode 2

with Njoki Ngumi and Jim Chuchu

In our second episode, we are joined by Njoki Ngumi and Jim Chuchu from the Nairobi-based collective The Nest. We talk about the politics of object restitution and provenance research as a means of distraction.The conversation also looks critically at the attempts of European museums to distract and legitimize, as well as at how the restitution of African objects can queer our past and present.


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