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Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine is also an attack on democracy and freedom. There is nothing that can justify it. The war is causing an immeasurable amount of suffering. We feel a deep connection to the people, both those remaining in their homes and those fleeing, as well as their families and friends worldwide.
We the Humboldt Forum assure them of our solidarity.

Freedom, democracy and peace cannot always be taken for granted. We have to preserve them anew each day. In the light of the global political situation, and as a place of democratic, cosmopolitan debate and cooperation, the Humboldt Forum sees its socio-cultural mandate more than ever, to imbue exchange beyond state structures or political activism with (new) energy, and to deepen international partnerships.

The Humboldt Forum offers free programmes in Ukrainian and Russian. The programme for refugees and their families is constantly being developed.


Programme in Ukrainian and Russian languages