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Against antisemitism and all forms of violence against people

We are deeply appalled by the atrocious acts of terrorism of Hamas. We stand in solidarity with the people of Israel and with Jewish people in Germany and around the world. The ongoing calls for violence against them are devoid of any humanity. It is intolerable that the killing, hostage-taking, and maltreatment of people is celebrated in Germany and elsewhere. We forcefully reject this. There must be no room for antisemitism!

Attacks on civilians are never an option.

It is with great concern that we observe the devastating situation in which the civilian population of Gaza finds itself due to the escalation of violence. We support all efforts to find a sustainable resolution of the conflict in Israel and Palestine and we do hope for a timely humanitarian solution for the civilian population in Gaza.

We will continue to actively fight against antisemitism and advocate for a society that values the lives and integrity of all people.


A living room and a place of security in Berlin’s historic centre
Place of warmth.
at Humboldt Forum
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